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  1. WigglyBoi
    I have a Adult Male leopard gecko. He was abused by his previous owner and has no toes with proper claws. He is having trouble eating. Help?
    1. WigglyBoi
      He kinda sorta plays with his food. He will (sometimes) chase the food and instead of opening his mouth of chomp the food, he bumps it with his nose, just scaring the food. He normally has no interest in worms and crickets, so Ive been feeding him a reptile powdered diet. How do I help him get on live food??? Does anyone else's gecko(s) do this or have this problem?
      Jul 8, 2019
  2. Cdldriver38
  3. Marianna Berggren
    Marianna Berggren
    Wear & Smile Clothes collection is for the modern and unique women.
  4. zombie083013
    what to feed my bearded dragon?
  5. zombie083013
    my bearded dragon wont eat what should I do?
    1. zombie083013
      shes not sick or anything
      Mar 19, 2019
  6. zombie083013
    I have a ball python and a beared dragon
  7. StikyPaws312
    StikyPaws312 JEFFREH
    Hey Jeff :):)
  8. StikyPaws312
    StikyPaws312 reptileboards
    Hello! Hello! This thing on? Lol.
  9. StikyPaws312
    StikyPaws312 lestat
    Hey Lestat! Just wondering if you're still kicking around here?
  10. StikyPaws312
    StikyPaws312 kephy
    Hey Kephy :) Just wondering if you're still checking this :)
  11. StikyPaws312
    StikyPaws312 justkev
    Hey Kev :) Just wondering if you're still around :)
  12. Saige
    Would anyone like to buy a leopard gecko? High quality tank included and eveything in tank comes with. Houston/brookshire area.
  13. sevinth
  14. Veva
    I need help please. My sons leopard gecko has small white spots on its face. Should i be worried?
  15. PgP Fortitude
    PgP Fortitude JEFFREH
    Hey was curious if you could check my post about my bearded dragon?
  16. Celeste Olsen
    Celeste Olsen
    I have one 3 year old male gecko Lucky who is my world but is not eating or pooping, I need help
  17. Celeste Olsen
    Celeste Olsen
    I have one 3 year old male leopard gecko who has not eaten or pooped HELP!
  18. DevintheReptileWhisperer
    DevintheReptileWhisperer 00luke00
    Hi, my new leo has a white stripe around his pupil in both eyes, is there a specific name for this phenomenon?
  19. Dinora Santana
    Dinora Santana
    Hey I am Here!!
  20. Ramses Osiris Horus
    Ramses Osiris Horus
    Hey all! My name is Ramses. I'm a therapeutic lizard. I live with my sisfurs Rosa, Ruby and Cleopatra and our dad known as Daddy Dylan.