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  1. Sharman Wisdom
    Sharman Wisdom
    Zeus's outdoor enclosure is finished!
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  2. Silje
    One gecko, and now two turtles :) Love it!! ^^,
  3. M.Mata77
    Happy Easter all
  4. sioux7
    Proud Mom to Larry, Lucky, and Baby my Anole family
  5. dayna_99
    Bought some forest moss for leopard geckos egg laying box... Finally!
  6. M.Mata77
    My male beardy is having a build up of mucus in his eyes. I clean ut out daily but it comes back the next morning. Any suggestions.
  7. geckolover22
    Ohmagawd! He's coming tomorrow :D super excited!!
    1. JEFFREH
      Who was coming?!
      Jun 1, 2013
    2. geckolover22
      My sterling :3 Love him to pieces. Keep on adding things >.>
      Jun 1, 2013
  8. geckolover22
    Have another Leopard gecko for a little.. nursing a female blizzard back to health.. Stuck shed has made many toes become necrotic..
  9. JoshSnakeman
    I wish the 5 feet of snow we got this winter would melt. I really want to go look for Prairie skinks and Western hognoses.
  10. dayna_99
    dayna_99 sophieannabel
    Hi Im new also to the site. Hope you could find the site helpful too and your questions and answers will be responded too!
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  11. dayna_99
    My female leopard gecko doesn't like to be touched and bites the male and HARD! what do I do if I want to breed them?
  12. shayna9715
    shayna9715 Maruko
    hey welcome:)
  13. dayna_99
    still learning how to use this type of site
  14. JoshSnakeman
    Switched to phoenix worms for a bit; and my once lazy, tired female jeweled curly-tail is now a destructive, larvae-crunching machine.
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    2. StikyPaws312
      Lol phoenix worms are the best!
      Mar 20, 2013
  15. Sharman Wisdom
    Sharman Wisdom
    I got a good start on Zeus's outdoor enclosure. Should be finished by the end of this week!
  16. Ohhaimonster
    My latest Leo, Houdini passed away Friday, March 15th. ( my birthday) rip little Leo. :(
    1. geckolover22
      I'm so sorry for your loss...
      Mar 18, 2013
  17. Cookie17
    Cookie17 xxxReptileloverrxxx
    how long have you been keeping crested geckos? and any other reptile you own? i'm just curious to see how new you are, is all :)
  18. LoveJae
    Lincoln's Mommy
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    2. Cookie17
      I know I'm an easy crier... but jeez, this made me cry.
      Mar 17, 2013
  20. xxxReptileloverrxxx
    WhoSe GOing to Be ThE BesT repTile HobbYist................. I AM!!!!!!