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  1. StikyPaws312
    StikyPaws312 JEFFREH
    Hey Jeff :):)
  2. StikyPaws312
    StikyPaws312 reptileboards
    Hello! Hello! This thing on? Lol.
  3. StikyPaws312
    StikyPaws312 lestat
    Hey Lestat! Just wondering if you're still kicking around here?
  4. StikyPaws312
    StikyPaws312 kephy
    Hey Kephy :) Just wondering if you're still checking this :)
  5. StikyPaws312
    StikyPaws312 justkev
    Hey Kev :) Just wondering if you're still around :)
  6. DevintheReptileWhisperer
    DevintheReptileWhisperer 00luke00
    Hi, my new leo has a white stripe around his pupil in both eyes, is there a specific name for this phenomenon?
  7. Dinora Santana
    Dinora Santana
    Hey I am Here!!
  8. Ramses Osiris Horus
    Ramses Osiris Horus
    Hey all! My name is Ramses. I'm a therapeutic lizard. I live with my sisfurs Rosa, Ruby and Cleopatra and our dad known as Daddy Dylan.
  9. stargeckos
    i have 2 female leopard geckos and oh boy i love them they are so cute
  10. nonstopreaper
    New member here, hope to learn lots from this community
  11. geckolover22
  12. randomdude
  13. Indy's Mom
    Indy's Mom
    Indiana F. Jones says, "hello!"
    Hi Everyone.. has the lowest prices anywhere on pet products use promo code 525888.. FOR 10% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER
  15. carlene pool
    carlene pool
    My new baby garter temporary tank
  16. Sweety gul
    Sweety gul
    I have brahminy blind snake of 1000 grams
    July 24 is deadline for public comment on Constrictor Rule. PLEASE do your part to help save the entire exotic hobby!
  18. naykid
    selling some of this seasons baby leopard geckos in the classified thread...check them out...thanks
  19. DevintheReptileWhisperer
    second gecko show in lagrange was a success! over 100 people came! hoping to go to columbus next.
  20. JoshSnakeman
    Taming boas is a bit of a chore