20G high or long?

Discussion in 'Anoles' started by hobotramp, Sep 6, 2002.

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    I know everyone says 20 G high because brown anoles are arboreal, but I was wondering if long wouldn't be just as good as I have read lots that sugests browns only like to go up to about 17" high. If it's a long enclosure they can go about 12", but will have a lot more foliage, branches, etc. to climb around in lengthwise anyhow. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    I've seen browns outside going up real high, as high as the walls, and even climbing high up oak trees in our back yard.

    It shouldn't be too bad if it was a 20 long as long as it were only one or two anoles, I wouldn't go more than that really. Even in a 20 high I wouldn't go more than 2 either though.

    If I was getting anoles again, I'd make up something custom, but that's just me, heh. Making it as high as possible.

    But yeah, a 20 long should be ok for a pair, or a bunch of babies. Foliage, branches and things to run around on will be good :)

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