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    :) Hi all!! My name is Shiva. I'm a bluetongue skink and I am four months old. I was named for the Hindu deity of creation. In case you guys are actually wondering why my mommy's name is on here as having written this...I can't type. I live here with my mommy Medusa. My mommy's service cat Cleopatra. The guinea pigs Rosa and Ruby. And the cockatiel parrots Pietro and Boniface. My favorite things to do at home {ie in cage} and eat. Tunnel. And soak in my pond!! When outside my favorite things to do are hang out with my mommy and watch tv. Bask under the natural sun. Streak the air with my big blue tongue. And explore!! Explore!!! Explore!!!! When I grow up I'm going to be a physical therapy assistance animal and help with treating the muscular issues with my mommy's cerebral palsy. And yes!! We can do that too!!!! And we can do it just as good as those in the serpentine {ie snake} community that have the same sort of occupation!! Right now it's cold and I'm brumating and waiting for the sun to come out. Will sidle back over here and chat with everybody later!!!! Oh...and that photo that Mommy Medusa has as her avatar????...That's me!!!! :)
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    Welcome to Reptile Boards! (all of you... lol). Hope you like it here!
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    Welcome to the boards!
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    Welcome to the gang!

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