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Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by bashfulgryphon, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. If I put one bp in a tank and then add another later on .. will the bp's adjust to eachother or will they be stressed ? ?
  2. KLiK

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    as long as the tank is big enough and you have them in seperate tanks next to each other for a while they should be fine
  3. for how long should I do this ? ?
  4. Mhswidder

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    As lng as the tank is large enough they should be fine I have added Balls at different times and as long as you dont put a baby with a grown adult they should be fine
  5. Thank you very much ... I will add a baby and then a couple weeks later add more ... if I dont get them both at the same time .
  6. TomServo

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    two babies may not be a good idea. Most young snakes are solitary creatures that compete for food (another cosideration, so do adult.. but the young moreso).
  7. The place Im buying my baby bp's at has them in one tank ... I know that I need to seperate them to feed them so that want be an issue ...
  8. stormyva

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    NO .... it is never a good idea to house two snakes together unless it is for breeding purposes.
    Here are just a few of the reasons......
    - Keeping two snakes together can cause stress
    - If one snake gets sick so will the other
    - It's impossible to keep track of who is defacting.
    With the exception of a very few species snakes are solitary creatures and do not like to be housed with other snakes. Even worse is mixing different sized snakes or different species. There are some occasions where you will see snakes houses together in rescues... that is because the sheer volume of reptiles in rescues and limited funding and resources just makes it simply impossible. The other is with inexperienced keepers and pet stores that dont know any better.
    For most hobbyists the best rule of thumb is that if you cant afford the caging and husbandry equipment to provide individual cages for your snakes then dont get them.
  9. emroul

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    I completely agree with stormyva. It is NEVER a good idea to house two of any snakes together. All it is for the snakes is competition for food (remember, they have "in the wild" insticts, and they don't know when their next meal is), stress for both of them, and basically everything that the post above added. :D The only time it would be ok to house two snakes together is for breeding purposes. And even then it is only temporary.

    If you can't afford an extra setup for another snake, it probably isn't wise to get the other snake.

  10. biochic

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    I'd just like to say that what Stormy and emroul have said is totally correct. you should not house snakes together if you can help it. It's just easier for you to look after their husbandry needs and less stress on them, plus it helps eliminate spread of disease.
  11. Thank you all for your help ... you are giving me so much valuable info ... I cant tell you how much I appreciate all your help ... Thank you from Ontario Canada

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