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    First and foremost, adoption fees of any kind are no allowed in this forum. Please do not use this forum as a place to request free animals!

    We have a few new guidelines in place, which aim to make the adoption forum more clutter-free, and easier for members to find what they are looking for.

    In the title of your thread, please state what is up for adoption and where you are located. In the thread any medical needs should be stated, and any extra information that you feel neccessary.

    Please make sure when posting in this forum you stay on topic.

    Also another new guideline we'd like to put in place is we'd like to ask members putting animals up for adoption which have been adopted to update their thread, which makes it easier for members to see whats available and what's not, and also so that threads can be locked if neccessary.

    The adoption forum is intended to be a resource for people and facilities that are trying to locate new homes for mistreated or unwanted animals. It can also be a place to share information about reptile rescue facilities that you might be familiar with. This is not a place to offer trades and other deals.

    If you are looking to adopt an animal please check with your local animal shelters and reptile rescue facilities and go through the proper adoption procedures. An online resource for animal adoptions is On that site you can search for reptiles as well as dogs, cats, and many others.

    For those that have animals or know of animals that are available for adoption please feel free to post the information here in this forum.

    Posts that do not conform to the rules of the forum will be removed, and members warned.

    If ANYONE is offered anything for sale via PM, please contact a moderator as this is seen as spam, and is not something we take kindly towards.

    Many Thanks!
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    Do you know of a place where you can purchase green anole eggs?

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    Reptile Eggs are generally not sold on the market due to their tender incubation requirements. The only way you'll really be able to get ahold of any is through a local breeder who may be willing to give them up. Typically reptiles aren't sold until they are several weeks of age, eating well, and healthy.

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