Anole burnt or ??????

Discussion in 'Anoles' started by dave, Jul 14, 2002.

  1. dave

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    Anole seems to have a burn on his head.
    He cant open one eye and the patch is black in color but does`nt seem to be spreading.
    I thought maybe i would clean it for him and put some burn cream or something on it to help it heal.
    Does anyone think it might be something else or have any suggestions for me to help Greeny recover.

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    Unfourtunately, no one has replied to this user since his post, which is just over three years old. In all likleyhood, the user is no longer monitering this site for a reply... I know I wouldn't be. Waiting three years for a response is ludicris. You'd think a moderator would have helped the guy out or something by now.

    Well, this is for either the original poster(if he ever comes back to this forum to see that his post was finally responded to) or anyone else who wants to know about anole burns.

    I'd recommend that you take your anole to a vet right away. If you have a heat rock in the enclousure, then take it out and sh!tcan it. Those things aren't any good for most reptiles. Hell, they aren't exactly a good idea for any reptile that I know of. What you want is a heat lamp, and I'm talking about a dome shaped lamp, not one that looks like it was made out of a couple of coat hangers. Those ones that are made up of open wires around the bulb let most of the heat out into the room that the anole's aquarium is in rather than into the aquarium where the anole can get it. Also make sure your anole's main basking spot isn't about a lousy inch or so away from the heat lamp. You'll want the anle's main basking spot to be within 4-6 inches of the heat lamp. I recomend a 50 watt bulb, both a daytime bulb for the day, and a nightime one for the night(the night ones are tinted blueish-purple so that the nocturnal species have some light for hunting, ect. and so that the daytime species aren't disturbed with a daylight bulb as they try to sleep.

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