Another Kenyan will not eat

Discussion in 'Boas' started by Warren White, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Warren White

    Warren White Embryo

    OK all first off Hello This is my first post on the board.

    I have a kenyan about 22 inches long, I got her as a baby and she has always been a good eater, until last month. She normally eats once a week and has not eaten anything in about a month. I am starting to get a little worried. she shows NO interest in anything I give her. I feed in a feed box and her temps are between 95 and 105. I have tried several different size mice (heated frozen) and she just ignores them. She looks healthy and shed about a week ago. Any thoughts? I don't want to go the force feeding route (would not know where to begin anyway) but as I said it has been almost a month now. she has ignored 4 mice. No changes in feeding routine from when she was eating normally.

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