Baby Ball Python Needs A Good Home

Discussion in 'Reptile Classifieds' started by AdrielG, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. AdrielG

    AdrielG Embryo

    Mr.Achilles is my baby ball python. He is about six months old. He
    needs a great home asap because I won't be able to keep him where I'm
    moving to. He comes along with two rocks to hide in, a ten gallon
    tank with a lid and latches to keep him from escaping. He also brings
    a heating pad, thermometer, water bowel, and a bag of wood shavings
    he likes to crawl around in. I'll also add his water mister and towel
    I throw over the tank that I used to keep it a little humid for him.
    I really hate to see him go but I hope he is taken to a loving home.
    Everything mentioned is included with him. Price is $100 or obo.
    Please contact (904)910-0027.

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