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Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by RoseFranklin, Feb 1, 2012.

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    Hello, everyone! I have a question regarding my baby bearded dragon shedding (for the first time, at least since we have had him).

    Is this your first bearded dragon? Yes
    What area are you located in? Las Vegas

    Dragons name: Mango
    Age, weight and length if you know? He is young, about 4-5 weeks. Probably about 5" with tail.
    How long with you? We have had him for a week and a half
    What is his condition recently and if it changed, when? Shedding
    Is he active, clear eyes and bright? He is active with clear eyes.
    Is the beard, chest or tail tip darker than the rest or than normal? No
    Walking/moving normally? Yes
    Any physical features that do not appear normal? No
    From Breeder or Pet Store? (this may make a difference) A breeder that owns his own shop.
    Has he every been treated by a vet, No
    If yes, for what and what meds were used/dosed and time if know?
    Basking or sleeping during the day? Basking during the day, although not as much as usual
    Is he going to the bathroom, how often? Daily, sometimes twice a day
    If not, when was the last time?
    Is it formed/normal or runny/smelly: formed and normal
    Alone or with others? alone
    If with others, what sex"?
    Soaking or misting at all and how often? I soak him every other day for about 15 minutes

    Set up info tank size? Currently 10 gallon because he is so young
    Temps -what do you use for heat? Dual lamp with separate UVB and heat bulb
    Basking point? 100 degrees
    Cool area? 80 degrees
    What are you measure it with? Digital thermometer with movable sensor
    What Substrate? reptile carpet
    UVB Lights type (detailed) what brand, model, and length or wattage is: reptisun 5.0
    How old? a week and a half
    How close to UVB light when he bask? 5 - 6 inches or so
    What hours for day/night? 12 hours each
    Do you use any type of nighttime heat, if so what? no nighttime heat

    How is his appetite? IS there a change? He seems to have a great appetite usually, but it has decreased significantly since he has started his shed.
    What size, kind and how many/much insects does he eat daily? Pinhead crickets, 10 crickets per feed, 2 feedings per day
    What do you feed the insects normally? Flukers cricket gut loader
    Is the dragon eating greens/veggies? He eats a few greens
    What and how much? About 3-4 bites per day (just getting started on greens)
    Supplements? Yes, calcium and calcium with d3
    What kind of calcium/how often? calcium every other day and calcium with d3 weekly
    What kind of vitamins how often
    How are these given to him?

    I have 2 questions regarding Mango. I realize that the recommendation regarding number of crickets to feed the dragons is however many they eat during a 15 minute period. Usually this number is about 10-15. Is this normal? I have read a higher number, but 30 crickets seems like too many for his small size. I am also looking for a little reassurance that it is normal for his appetite and energy to go down during shedding? I just noticed that he started shedding yesterday evening, which would hopefully explain his reduced appetite yesterday morning and evening. Would you believe this to be accurate?

    Thank you in advance for any help or guidance you are able to provide!

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    First off, have you taken him to the vet yet? Just checking since not all pets are sold healthy. If you haven't, take a fecal sample with you as well. Secondly, one of my beardies, Cici, did this even though Kiki never did this in the time we had her. His shedding may be the source of this but still take him to the vet to be 100% acurate, never be 99%. Thirdly, it could just be him. They all eat different amounts of crickets and depending on his metabolism, he may eat 30 or he may not.

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    spyro my beardie is apig and always has been, she does however not eat as much like the day before her shed, it's how she's always been, I've just learned to accomidate with it :) But I definitly agree, don't be 99% sure take him to the vet. I'd rather be safe than sorry

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    JEFFREH Administrator

    Shedding can decrease appetite for most herps - its just an uncomfortable and vulnerable time for them.

    Unless the dragon is becoming lethargic, losing weight, showing signs of distress, or has drastically decreased his food consumption and is not passing normal stools regularly, a vet won't be needed. But if any of these things begin to happen, here is a resource:

    Now - does the dragon eat 10-15 in a single sitting, a few times a day? Or just 10-15 a day? And are the crickets on the larger side or are they smaller than the space between the eyes (recommended)?

    It doesn't sound like anything that concerning to me right now = )

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