Baby Blue Tongue

Discussion in 'Australian Forum' started by susie, Mar 22, 2008.

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    :roll: I found a baby blue tongue about a month ago in my garden, the ants were getting at him so I "rescued" him for 2 weeks. I was then advised by a pet shop "don't keep him" it will be too hard for him to rehabilitate himself when you let him go. So, very reluctantly, I let him go. I made a little shelter for him in the garden so he can hide and crawl under to sleep, I put a rock so he can climb up and a bit of old pvc pipe so he can crawl into if it's raining. I feed him every couple of days with snails, crickets, grapes, worms, etc. He loves his little shelter...but now I'm worried with the cooler weather approaching. Should I build him a little house outside to keep him warm, or should I just re-rescue him and bring him inside with me. If I leave him outside, I'm afraid he will run away and find somewhere to hide. We have a few ferrell cats lurking around and I would just die if anything happended to him. He's such a cute little guy, but I find myself persistently worrying about him. Should I bring him inside for the colder months do you think. Please answer quickly as I desperately want to do the right thing by this little guy. He's so small, he doesn't seem to have grown much, though is getting plenty to eat. Maybe he's a pygmy??Cheers, Sue

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