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  1. how much and when should I feed 2 baby pb's ? ? also what should I feed baby bp's ? ? crickets ?
  2. Mhswidder

    Mhswidder Embryo

    No Baby Bp's should be able to eat fuzzie mice as a rule they can eat anything as big around as the largest part of their body.
  3. thank you .. so pinkie or fuzzie mice will do for bp's that are only a couple weeks old ? ?
  4. Mhswidder

    Mhswidder Embryo

    Ya as long as they are no bigger around than the snake. I just got a new pair of Baby BP"s myself 2 weeks ago (I have had many )They ate today and they were actually able to eat hopper mice. start small and slowly work up until their pray is big enough to leave a noticable lump in their body after feeding time. Once every 7 to 10 days I get them each one and they are doing wonderfully. Hope this helps.

    Here is a pic of my babies a couple days after I got them
  5. Thank you .. your baby bp looks great ... the info helps out alot ... is it possible to breed a male and female out of the same litter ? ?
  6. emroul

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    Hatchling ball pythons are able to eat adult mice right out of the egg. It may seem surprising, but it's true (unless it is a "runt"). A fuzzy for a baby ball python is not a meal at all. And please, do not ever feed pinky mice to the poor thing; you'll be starving it.

    Hope that helps.
  7. all the info I have been getting states that I should feed pinkies and fuzzies to the baby bp's ... if I feed them adult mice will they grow faster ? ?
  8. emroul

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    Where are you getting your info? Pinkies absolutely will not suffice as a meal for a ball python. Fuzzies, maybe, if given 2-4 at a time (which will get expensive). One adult mouse once a week will make it grow the way it is supposed to, not just "faster". :D

  9. Mhswidder

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    I have been raising Balls for 14 years and my hatchlings do fine on Hoppers for the first couple months. Then I move them upto adult mice for a month or two then to Juvinile Rats and They have all grown just fine
  10. clamper

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    you cant start baby balls on adult mice right out of the egg the fuzzies help get their skills at eating down with out dicuraging them once that has been done then you move on to hoppers for a couple months as they grow you increase the size of the food

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