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    Hello everyone, Ive been having an issue with my Beardy Coughing now for about 2 months. He started out coughing only a little and now he has done it atleast 10 times since I have been holding him just now. When he first started I Immediately got rid of his Sand as I thought maybe that was the issue. I also changed all of his lighting, Ive been getting really mixed answers on what temperature I should have his cage at. Some people say between 80-90 and others say between 100-110. Right now his tank is usually around 95-100 degrees. OWNER INFO
    Is this your first bearded dragon?
    What area are you located in?

    Dragons name: Rupert
    Age, weight and length if you know? He is about a Year old.
    How long with you? Since he was a baby
    What is his condition recently and if it changed, when? Seems to be normal.
    Is he active, clear eyes and bright? Yes He is active when I take him out, hell run around. Usually just hangs out on his cage
    Is the beard, chest or tail tip darker than the rest or than normal? His beard has been pretty dark lately
    Walking/moving normally? Normal
    Any physical features that do not appear normal?
    From Breeder or Pet Store? (this may make a difference) Pet Store
    Has he every been treated by a vet, No
    If yes, for what and what meds were used/dosed and time if know?
    Basking or sleeping during the day? Basking
    Is he going to the bathroom, how often? He doesnt Poop very often, I usually have to give him a warm bath every other day to get him to go.
    If not, when was the last time?
    Is it formed/normal or runny/smelly Its formed, smells terrible lol.
    Alone or with others? Alone
    If with others, what sex"?
    Soaking or misting at all and how often? I used to mist him but then I got worried he might be coughing due to humidity

    Set up info tank size? 50 Gallon Tank
    Temps -what do you use for heat? 1 UVB fixture, 1 100w lamp, and 1 75 w night time lamp.
    Basking point? He has two basking points
    Cool area? Yes
    What are you measure it with? I have a thermometer in his cage
    What Substrate? Reptile Carpet
    UVB Lights type (detailed) what brand, model, and length or wattage is
    How old? Cant remember the exact model, it is the kind with the longer tube only about 4 months old
    How close to UVB light when he bask? About a foot away
    What hours for day/night? I turn his lights off around 10PM, and back on around 7:30 AM
    Do you use any type of nighttime heat, if so what? Sometimes his nighttime bulb but not usually

    How is his appetite? IS there a change? No change in appetite
    What size, kind and how many/much insects does he eat daily? I feed him Large crickets every week. He will eat about 20 of them in one sitting. I do feed him worms only sometimes.
    What do you feed the insects normally? Vegetables.
    Is the dragon eating greens/veggies? Yes, I feed him all kinds of veges, a lot of kale.
    What and how much? Kale, Red peppers, Strawberrys, Apples, Broccoli. ETC
    What kind of calcium/how often? I dust his food with the calcium stuff usually once a week
    What kind of vitamins how often
    How are these given to him? Not sure on Vitamins

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