Beardie not coming out of brumation very well

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    Hi there,

    I'm sort of new to dragons. We got our first 2 dragons as tiny babies from a reptile expo 20 months ago.

    Sadly our male ended up with a serious metabolic disorder that was genetic and had to be put down about 6 months ago. (Now have a large 3.5yr old rescue dragon that is doing fantastically)

    Our other remaining dragon, Caramel is a sweet red female and had an incredibly heavy brumation this winter. Her first.

    Shes a little more active but nothing like what she was last fall. Should I be worried? Its nice weather here, the day length is long, or other dragon is rocking around super active and alert.

    Dragons name: Caramel
    Age, weight and length if you know? 23 months
    How long with you? 20 months
    What is his condition recently and if it changed, when? Went into brumation. Has been sluggish since.
    Is he active, clear eyes and bright? No. Not active. Eyes are bright but looks a little dehydrated
    Is the beard, chest or tail tip darker than the rest or than normal? no
    Walking/moving normally? no, not moving much. Just from the hide to the basking spot and back again
    Any physical features that do not appear normal?
    From Breeder or Pet Store? (this may make a difference) Reptile expo, breeder
    Has he every been treated by a vet, no
    If yes, for what and what meds were used/dosed and time if know?
    Basking or sleeping during the day? Sleeping for the most part
    Is he going to the bathroom, how often? Not too often, 1-2x a week
    If not, when was the last time? about 4 days ago
    Is it formed/normal or runny/smelly looks normal
    Alone or with others? alone
    If with others, what sex"?
    Soaking or misting at all and how often? Trying to bathe here 1x a week

    Set up info tank size? 3'x2'x2'
    Temps -what do you use for heat? A combined lamp, changed bulb about 6 months ago
    Basking point? a large grapevine log with graduating slope
    Cool area? Other end of tank in her hide hide is about 68F, basking can be anywhere from 75-100
    What are you measure it with?
    What Substrate? paper towels
    UVB Lights type (detailed) what brand, model, and length or wattage is
    Exo Terra Solar-Glo High Intensity Self-Ballasted Uv/Heat Mercury Vapor Lamp 125watt

    How old? bulb is 6 months
    How close to UVB light when he bask? about a foot?
    What hours for day/night? same as our day, approximately on 12.5-13 hours a day
    Do you use any type of nighttime heat, if so what? a heating pad under the tank

    How is his appetite? IS there a change? Eating much less, mostly roaches, a little fruit and veggie
    What size, kind and how many/much insects does he eat daily? Dubia roaches about 3-4 smallish ones a day
    What do you feed the insects normally? Flukers cricket chow plus fruit
    Is the dragon eating greens/veggies? a little, not much
    What and how much?
    Supplements? Mineral dust
    What kind of calcium/how often? as above, daily
    What kind of vitamins how often
    How are these given to him? on veggies and roaches

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    My beardie varies in bromation. Captive reptiles don't always go by weather anymore for bromation as the weather doesn't vary as much with them being indoors. Because of this they tend to go by an internal clock. For example my mom has 2 beardies and the older one had a regular bromation. The younger one however didn't bromate at all. Bromation times are unique. Monitor as needed but don't get too concerned. My guy bromated until about may last year.

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