Beardie's tail is discolored and stiff

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by Melissagray, Jun 24, 2014.

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    I've had Smaug for a couple of months, and he has shed twice in that time, the most recent being about a week or two ago. However, a couple days ago, his tail shed again, and only his tail. Since then, the last half inch of his tail has gotten very dark and stiff. I watched him shed, so I know it all came off. There is also no change with his behavior or eating habits. He has a bath bowl that he regularly jumps in as well. Should I be concerned?

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  2. My rescue beardie came with a darker color to the distal end of his tail. It hasn't changed since but I still wonder...Took him to vet even...and he said nothing about this. Really interested in hearing what you all have to say.
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    Discoloration of the tail can be many things.

    First off the thing everyone fears. MBD. If your beardie has not digested enough calcium, then discoloration and dis-formation can occur.

    Next is shedding problems. Even though you said all of his tail shed, there is still a possible mis-shed and it has constricted the tail. Unfortunately killing it.

    Overall just see a vet and if they come back with nothing, chat me a pic of the tail and I will further investigate.

    I am glad I could help and I hope it gets better. Sorry it took so long! I'm always here!
  4. Thank you so much!
    Her tail remains about the same.
    My new issue is constipation after too many meal worms.

    Will try to send tail pic when I get home.
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    Well I know it sounds crazy, but you actually shouldn't be feeding your bearded dragon any mealworms.

    Sooner then you know that constipation is going to turn into impaction, and then you are really going to be upset. The amount of chitin on the outer shell can not be digested right with a bearded dragon. Stick with crickets and the roaches for now. NEVER FEED MEALWORMS.
  6. No. Your advice is dead on. It was my mistake. I got that info from somewhere and I should have done more research and now I think she will have impaction. Chitin is very hard. I was desperate cause she had not eaten for two days or showed no interest in crickets. Anyway
    Rookie mistake and I hope I can help her get through the constipatiin. Believe me I am afraid.

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