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Discussion in 'Leopard Geckos' started by ajlista, Jan 12, 2016.

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    Well, if anyone does visit this forum anymore, it's been a while since ive been here, been busy with college stuff and work, and really havent had time for anything, as well as it seemed that this forum had died a bit. Anyway i'm not sure if anyone remembers phillip, but he has been in good health since I got him. I recently went through a crazy move, 3 hours away and left him at my aunts for about 3 weeks. Now this is when things kind of starting going down hill. So my aunt was feeding him and checking on him daily(feeding every other day), and she had noticed that he stopped eating out of his bowl, in response to this I came to her house and noticed he was only hand feeding( I would hold a meal worm on the tweezer and he'd eat from it), she proceeded to do this for a few weeks, and finally she calls me saying he hadnt eaten in a few days, that was a bout a month ago. Since then, he has still not eaten, and it's getting to the point of worry. At first I thought maybe the winter rolling in had something to do with it and he would bounce back as he normally would, this has not been the case. He has lost a significant amount of weight and his tail has become incredibly thin, and now his spine is protruding. I have tried every trick I could remember, daily-two times a day warm baths, tried wax worms just to put something in his system, nothing, baby food on the nose, and so forth and nothing is working. Now there is shed stuck to his tail (im quite worried about helping him with getting that off during a bath as im scared that he will get startled and drop his tail). Anyway ive seen this now 3 times before, notebly my other geckos were very sick, he seems to be in fine health, minus the huge weight drop. He's not impacted, his stomach isnt swollen, he doesnt appear to have mouth rot, im kind of just stumped here and really could use some help.

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