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Discussion in 'Other Pythons' started by Danac, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Danac

    Danac Embryo

    I have my eye on a baby Bredl's Python. Has anyone out there had one and what can you tell me about them.
    I am an experienced keeper of constrictors both large and small.
    I know they are hard to find and a bit more spendy, (lots more!) than Burms and others.
    Any insite you can share would be appreciated.
  2. Ryeshu

    Ryeshu Embryo

    Wow i just looked up a picture of that type of python./ I have never herd of it before. Where did you buy it?
  3. Danac

    Danac Embryo

    I haven't bought yet. It is expensive, $350. They are really striking looking but I havn't gotten much information yet about care, temprament etc. While they are available there isn't a lot of easily available information about them.
  4. tjhallock

    tjhallock Embryo

  5. Matt Caperton

    Matt Caperton Embryo

    I have been blessed with a female Stripe Bredl's female and a het stripe bredl's python. They are awesome creatures with great feeding response but can be a bit nippy as babies. I have my big girl in a boa-phile enclosure and she is very happy. I am surprised by how much she soaks in her water tub. IMG00067.jpg BabyBredls112910a.jpg
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  6. tupi1

    tupi1 New Member

    350 is a bit crazy for a Bredli's Id suggest looking around online for breeders.Ive seen them for 150 with 50 shipping from some places.So unless that one is outstanding/het for something, etc I wouldnt pay that much for one.
    They have the same care as most Carpet pythons.
  7. Matt Caperton

    Matt Caperton Embryo

    Sorry forgot to mention, I paid 300 for a stripe but thats a showing mutation. My normal het male was 199 and I have seen them as low as 150. I recommend AustralianAddictions as that's where I got my little boy from.
  8. tupi1

    tupi1 New Member

    Isis reptiles has nice Bredlis for 150 too.
  9. Robekah

    Robekah Embryo

    I have a 4 yo bredli now 7 ft... They are known to be a calmer breed along with the Murray darling, my bredli ( I called shim) has never bitten even as a hatchling, it was my first snake and I paid $300. I suggest getting one, they are beautiful and shim even gives kisses on our nose! I have young kids and he is perfect with them too :)

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