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Discussion in 'Reptile Law & Legislation' started by Ian L., Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Ian L.

    Ian L. New Member

    Hi everybody,
    I just signed up for this forum and i love it so far. I have been going crazy for dwarf caimans this past few weeks and have been wondering if any of u guys know how i can get a permit. a guy once told me that one of his friend owned a caiman but he kept it illegally. Unfortunately, he sold the caiman. Crocodiles aren't vicious creatures....they're just animals to need to feed on other smaller animals to survive. So yea, if any of u members own a crocodile and live in Calif. or know how to get a permit... plz reply asap!!! I am dying to find a decent answer. Thanks.
  2. wren152

    wren152 Member

    My family lives in CA, and my dad had a pair before my sisters and I were born, but unfortunately I just asked him, and he had them before permits were even required. I don't know how you could get a permit now, but is there some kind of state-wide group (like the fish and wildlife department, or something, except for pets, not wildlife?) that you could contact? I searched it for a bit online, and some things I read said they were illegal, and most permits were only given to zoos and the like, but I also found this site,a nd I don't know if it would have the answer, but perhaps it can help?
    I'd suggest also researching the official exotic pet laws on whatever government site they're on, because whatever government site they're on is potentially where you could find contact info to ask how to get a permit?
  3. Ian L.

    Ian L. New Member

    Well thanks wren152. i am still very determined on keeping a pet caiman and rlly do believe that this whole permit rule is just idiotic. i wish i was in Florida where they don't give a crap about some stupid permit. rlly makes me made when ppl consider them to be a mean and a "cold-blooded killer". they are misunderstood creatures. sorry if i am repeating myself but i wanna try to stress this as much as possible. maybe someday i'll have ppl sign a petition to stop this permit law. sigh..... i rly hope that all u guys and girls can help me out here as i am desperate for a caiman. :mad: and wren152.... could u ask ur dad if he knows anybody that stills own a pet caiman? that would be awesome if someone still did. :)

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    I would look into your Department of Natural Resources and see what you would have to do to obtain a permit.

    It's unfortunate and absolutely ridiculous, but there are now many laws being proposed to ban a wide variety of completely harmless reptiles:

    Florida is actually one of the biggest problem states for the reptile hobby - trying to gain support to ban a variety of species of contricting snake they claim to be problematic and invasive. Thanks to USARK and Reptile Keepers across the nation showing their discontent we were able to prevent a massive Python Ban from occuring. Although: 4 out of 9 proposed species were ultimately added to the Lacey Act where importation of eggs and animals, and the crossing state lines with said animals is a felony.

    They aren't just targeting the big constrictors either in each state... which is why we need to be on our toes and everyone needs to chip in and show their support for the hobby. Our pets are not an environmental risk, nor are they a risk to any person. These laws are being enacted strickly for financial gains of special interest groups.
  5. Ian L.

    Ian L. New Member

    Well holy crap! I didn't know that Florida was trying to ban those snakes. Yea.... it is quite unfortunate that some of the states are being so darn tight w/ those damn rules. I do hope that this will all be resolved someday.... keeping crocs and gators and caimans as a pet is a dying art and we need to help support the snakes, caimans, and all other reptilians. eventually, if this does continue, all anybody can own will be some stupid rock. C'mon non-pet lovers... GROW UP!!!! Jeez!!
  6. wren152

    wren152 Member

    We have a pet rock! : D But we're also serious reptile lovers, and it ALWAYS amazes me how many people are terrified of the idea of my beardies, who, btw, are complete cream puffs. And some of the stories my dad tells about his caimans, when he had them, are so comical and awesome! *shakes fist at people trying to ban scaly critters* GrrrrRRrrr! >: O

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