Chocolate' Kingsnake

Discussion in 'Other Colubrids' started by eufa1313, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. eufa1313

    eufa1313 Embryo

    Hello out there, im new to the forum.. I joined some time ago but haven't really posted all that much..
    Well anyway, my name is Thomas i hail from the state of Georgia and im a pices lol :angry:

    I recently added a new beautiful creature to our home...

    The only sad thing is, i dont know the sex of it. & we havnt come to a 100% of a name yet due to the unsexed :)
    I was thinking CHOCO, but that seems kind of lame!
    Do you people have any ideas on a name??

    heres pictures of the little beauty...
  2. spaceboy

    spaceboy Well-Known Member

    what kind of snake is it? :) *noob*

    it looks like a "Kingler"!
  3. spaceboy

    spaceboy Well-Known Member

    lol right the snake name is right there in the topic, silly me I missed it! Funny though that I recomended the name "Kingler" (pokemon, helloo!)
    I guess maybe I saw the name of it without realizing it, or its a funny coincidence :D

    Good luck with the namehunting!

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