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    that new panels can be easily slid in from the top. The biggest problem with fence panels is of variance in quality. Whilst reputable suppliers will charge say 30 plus per 1.8m high (6ft) panel, you can get them for less than half this price. But, panels from these budget suppliers are undoubtedly of
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    a sub-standard quality and usually grossly over priced for what they are - and they don't last. Closeboard/Featherboard Fencing A great choice where looks and longevity are important. Closeboard fencing is far more versatile than panels. You can follow gradients and contours, go round obstacles, set
    out posts to avoid trees and obstructions etc Fitting time is longer because you need to fit horizontal arris rails between the posts and then fix the individual featherboard pales. But the result is normally well worth it. Close board is a strong and reliable form of fencing which will last a long
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