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    my green anole derek died today. but theirs a twisted story behind it: i woke up and was about to mist the cage and i saw derek belly up in the center of the cage. i thought that he just died then a-rod wouldnt move when i reached in to the cage so then i found out that they bolth died. i found a box and was about to bury them bolth together. when a-rods head moved!!! it turned out that just derek passed away a-rod was really sick and didnt want to move .i dont know what happened to either of them and will post more when i do. :( does anay one know what i should do with a-rod??
  2. awwww poor derek the only thing i cam think of is to take him to a reptle vet sorry
  3. anole_lover13

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    more bad news a-rod died the next day
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    Oh, sorry to hear!

  5. RobertII

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    Sorry for you loss.
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    It's not a bad name, it's just there are A LOT of men who have that name.

    Derek Allen
    Derek Christopher
    Derek Joseph
    Derek Alexander
    Derek Lucas

    If you like it, you could maybe try playing with the spelling to make it a little different. Like maybe Derrick, or Derrik or Dereck. Or you could just keep it traditional:)
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