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  1. Sharman Wisdom

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    Bought a baby Spotted python, shipped overnight from Underground Reptiles. Showed up fine, put him in setup, saw him drink water before I went to bed. This morning checked on him and it was dead! I got my Bluetongue from them and my Tegu, thought they were a good place, but now they are giving me the runaround about refunding me. I had called them this morning and the guy told me to send them a pic of dead snake and the snakes setup. So I did and they keep denying who I am and that they never got both photos!! I will buy anything from them again!
  2. StikyPaws312

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    Well that's terrible :( For the reptile and for the hassle. Sorry you have to deal with that...
  3. Sharman Wisdom

    Sharman Wisdom HOTM Winner December

    Thanks and I meant I will not buy from them again. I finally talked to someone and they kept asking me questions about my setup. My setup is fine! I have been keeping snakes for over 30 years! They should not be selling snakes that are not well started! I have bred corn and king snakes before! And they should guarantee their animals for a week after arrival!

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