Does the floor color of your home become weak?

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    the wooden floor technology of different pattern is different, outside glossiness differs naturally also. But with phyletic wooden floor some the person used two years to return if brightness is new, a year when some people use only many dim without light, what reason is this cause?

    Do not have any maintaining measure, wooden floor can lose original luster slowly. This kind of circumstance is behaved morer in real wood floor. Real wood resembles the skin same, do not maintain for a long time, burnish disappeared. And cleanness and conserve are completely different, cleanness cannot replace conserve.

    Floor wax choice is incorrect, also can cause wooden floor to lose original luster. Often use gush bottle candle to also can cause wooden floor loss of gloss. Gush bottle candle brings a looking glass to wooden floor like bright and clean, turn over light intensity, but one have dirt apparent dirty. Relapse so, wooden floor loses original even luster very quickly.

    Difference of quality of lacquer of wooden floor watch also can be brought about without burnish. This kind of situation is general consist in; petty gainThe wooden floor. For the sale, manufacturer shines one layer in daub of wooden floor surface oily, resemble an apple an apparently candle. Such wooden floor, had not used two months, wooden floor does not have burnish thoroughly.

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