Emergency egg in danger!!

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  1. Ok guys I don't care " how much better at caring for snake eggs" you are or how much I suck at it because right now there is a baby snake in danger, my sisters dog destroyed a hole in the ground and I got to this egg before he did, I don't know the species and I don't have any proper incubation containers, all I know to do is have him in a container with some dirt, I have maintained the tempriture at around 85* F cept the moisture levels at a medium and located and marked where the air bubble in his shell is,but I can't guarantee that it will be able to always be at that tempriture so I need help immediately!!
  2. please someone help! i have made a more perminent enclosure but it has yet to be proven wether it will work, please someone help!!!
  3. the "more perminent but un proven enclosure" is not working, PLEASE! THE SNAKE WILL DIE IF YOU DON'T HELP!!!!!
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    That snake has a slim chance...

    You need it higher than 85 degrees and you need high humidity.
    If the egg is impaled, the baby will not grow properly and fatality is a certain.
    Try your best and shop online for a incubator if you really want this snake to live.

    If you have more questions just ask! Sorry I'm the first to answer!
  5. It's way too late now. He crumpled up on the 15 and looked like a deflated balloon, I tried putting him in warm water (90 deg) and it did nothing:(

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