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    FIFA 20 Account EA Sports continues its calendar of publications with respect to FIFA 20. In E3 2019 Volta Football details had already been shared but now a trailer arrives with several details of the gameplay as a story mode. This is all that the company will bring to the community.

    Likewise its three game modes were also shown: 'Volta Tour' 'Volta Story' and 'Volta League'. First players must overcome clashes in different cities around the world such as Paris New York Rio de JaneiroRome Barcelona Tokyo or Amsterdam.

    These are the most important features of the gameplay:

    - Create your avatar: you can customize with tattoos haircuts clothes and other details of your character before entering the courts.
    - 17 maps based on different real scenarios in the world. Among the cities that appear are Rio de Janeiro London Paris Tokyo Miami etc.
    - Mini game modes within FIFA 20 Volta Football: Kick off 3 vs 3 (classic match) 4 vs. 4 5 vs. 5 without rules Survival (with house rules) and futsal.
    - A new world of Volta. An interactive map to create our own story or follow a competitive league.

    Finally 'Volta League'. As the name implies is a League. This means that users can go down buy FUT 20 Accounts or up the league. So we will always have to look for victory to avoid downgrading.

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