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    Hello! My partner and I brought a leopard gekko (Stevie) about three months ago, and at first she wasn't eating, which we were told was normal. About three weeks later she finally ate three bugs but appeared to regurgitate one, but she settled in well since. We absolutely adore her but she's never eaten more than one or maybe two locusts at a time, and always ignores mealworms, waxworms, crickets. We have heat mat with thermostat control at about 32degreesC with plenty of hides. Stopped dusting insects in case she was compacted.

    Anyway a week ago we decided we would get another (fidgit), after reading females get along - and thankfully they seem to, however we now wonder whether something is wrong with Stevie, who will happily have bugs sit on her head without batting an eyelid. On fidgits first night with us she ate FIVE locusts and has never refused food! Now we aren't sure what is normal and what's not. We wonder if Stevie can even see insects? We've tried to separate them for feeding but Stevie just isnt bothered, even hand feeding and slurry is ignored.
    Lots of info so a summary;
    Stevie - took 3 weeks to eat first. Eats one, maybe two a week. Rarely poops. Active and friendly but is smaller and slender despite being the oldest. Worried she is too slim for a gekko? Around 8 months old we think
    Fidgit - been with us about five days and still quite nervous. Will pretty much eat anything we offer however and can spot insects the other side of the viv. we know gekkos have fat stores but she has even tried to eat my fingers! Poops like clockwork. Will eat 5-6 easy before we stop offering - worried about her getting too fat?
    Around 6 months old we think

    Any advise would be amazing - we love them both but there is so much conflicting advice!

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