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Discussion in 'Florida Reptile Nuts' started by onsidlives, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. onsidlives

    onsidlives Embryo

    Did anyone else go to the Ft. Myers show today? I ended up walking away with a hondurian milk and a ghost corn.
  2. matt_ss94

    matt_ss94 Embryo

    Im angry because another reptile website said it was coming the 16th. I had bought 2 new tanks 1 for dwarf chams and another for a tokay. Did you see FLCHAMS table? He has the most amazing chams!
  3. Baker14

    Baker14 Embryo

    I didnt even hear about it! Not fair :D

    If anyone hears about a show down in Florida, let us know so we can all go.

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