Gaboon Viper $45

Discussion in 'General Snakes' started by MyMo, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. MyMo

    MyMo Embryo

    Black Mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis) $100
    Eastern Green Mamba (Dendroaspis angusticeps) $50
    Eastern Gabon Viper (Bitis gabonica) $45
    Puff Adder (Bitis arietans)$35
    Common House Snake (Lamprophis fuliginosus) $10
    Green Snakes (Philothamnus spp) $8

    I found this pricelist on an exporters website, heres the link:

    [link removed by mod]

    It's crazy...exporting can be a pretty awful business...
  2. Odemus

    Odemus Embryo

    also deadly and problly illigal to have..
  3. Marc118

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    You can have gaboons, I know a guy on another side with a breeding pair.
  4. burmboy_6

    burmboy_6 Embryo

    I know someone with gaboons and about 50 other venemous snakes
  5. Ash19

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    Do you not need a license? They should not just sell them so cheaply like that. ANYONE can just buy them. That's ridiculous and infuriating. What if they fell into the wrong hands?
  6. Zia

    Zia Embryo

    Um, they don't care. Most places you dont need a license, and most places it's not even illegal to actually own them, its just illegal to sell them in that specific county. I was at a show the other day and they were selling cobra's, rinkhals, gaboon vipers, rattlesnakes and all kinds of other crazy stuff. This is just one county north of a place that bans all snakes over 6 feet, so, they're definitely not hard to aquire and apparently people in the government arent extremely worried about them "falling into the wrong hands". And that seems to happen quite often, i hear all the time about someone's gaboon viper getting out and coiling in a heating duct or in a garbage can, or a pet rattler biting the neighbor's dog etc. etc.
  7. Ash19

    Ash19 Embryo

    Well that makes me really angry. Humans can be despicable.
  8. reako45

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    I knew of a woman who got bit by her Gaboon & died.

  9. Ash19

    Ash19 Embryo

    Exactly! I just don't understand why anyone would want to own something that could kill them if they're not experienced enough to handle it. How stupid can you be?
  10. Kiger

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    The black mamba is one of the most dangerous and venomous snakes in the world. It may be the most venoumous. Only 100 dollars? That's like death for sure. For some human and the snake.
  11. dreyer1

    dreyer1 Embryo

    i know a guy he got bit by his mamba 4 times and survived! and the most venomous snake in the world is the feirce snake, heres a pic [​IMG] :)
  12. The black mamba is close to if not in the top 10 most venemous snakes in the world. It is the most venemous in Africa and the fastest, you can't easily outrun them.

    I believe the most venomous snake in the world is actually the coral sea snake, however they very rarely bite humans, and if they do it is really tough for their fangs to puncture our skin.
  13. MyMo

    MyMo Embryo

    Ya your right about the sea least thats what animal planet says.
  14. Odemus

    Odemus Embryo

    A lady in Tx about 15 or so years back had a baby rattlesnake she found..
    she let her 4 year old drop a mouse in the tank and it bit the 4 year old and the kid died...

    how stupid is that
  15. Ash19

    Ash19 Embryo

    And yet people never learn.....
  16. I don't think the majority of the population really knows the dangers of snakes. Really the only people who know the true power of the venom are those who are interested in snakes. And so many people are taught to feer them, that they are so scared of them they don't even look at pics of them.

    I know Discovery Channel up here in Canada had The Anatomy of a Snake Bite on a while back. But that mainly looked at constrictors and how they kill prey. They did however compare it to a rattlesnake and cobra bites.
  17. Zia

    Zia Embryo

    Fine, you're talking about scattered instances where people are flippin STUPID and don't know what they're doing. Many people learn and take care of these animals fine. Blake Herman has 2 gaboon vipers, Miss Murder has some cottonmouths, i know a few people who keep cobras and even one guy with a Taipan.

    By the way, the Black mamba isnt on the top 10 most venomous species, all top 10 are from australia.
  18. Ash19

    Ash19 Embryo

    I didn't say No one should own venomous snakes. If you know wtf you're doing, then hey, cool. But it's so easy just for anyone to buy them and so many people are damn stupid. They should require licenses EVERYWHERE in the world.
  19. Blake_Herman

    Blake_Herman Embryo

    I was about to say, everyone's talking about the bad side of people owning venomous snakes. There's always going to be a risk, but if you give them the space and respect they deserve, you aren't endangering yourself too bad... it's just when people mix stupidity (especially alcohol) with dangerous snakes, and thats when people end up getting hurt or die...
  20. I agree, there is always the good side to owning hots. The biggest IMO is the ability for the owners to help out and provide venmom to produce anti venom. I'll personally never have a hot because I know I'll make a mistake eventually and get bit, not because I did something stupid, just a lapse in concentration. I have a lot of respect for hot snakes.

    A quick google search shows that many sites say all 10 are in Australia. I always thought there was one from outside Australia.

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