Gaboon Viper $45

Discussion in 'General Snakes' started by MyMo, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Blake_Herman

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    I would love to get to the point where I could help with antivenon work. Really, the only time I'm worried I might get bit is in the field when we are searching for copperheads... but we do try to be careful... :wink: plus if the worst came, I'd rather be bit by a copperhead than pretty much any other venomous...
  2. dreyer1

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    about my post the feirce snake is the most venomous land snake..
  3. Samael

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    i think you need a license to own a venemous snake, or you should need one but there is probably some clause in there saying the seller does not need to know if you have one or not, but you need one to own a venemous snake. I mean, with the movie snakes on a plane, it hink the wrong hands will have a new idea. lol. But that is crazy, such cheap prices for those snakes. But as long as you know what it is you are doing i guess it is fine, i mean i love cobras and other venomous snakes, i just could never house one myself. But if you have the expiereince i see not problem, and the permits of course.
  4. Zia

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    Seriously, i'm really ashamed that you would bring up the movie snakes on a plane. You have GOT to be frickin kidding me. That's why people dont want hots to be kept, ignorant statements like that one.
  5. You can not own venemous snakes within city limits. Which brings me to the conclusion, Idiots and beginners should not even consider owning venomous snakes. If you want a venemous snakes, keep non venemous for years. Actually, go catch a big coachwhip without getting bit. I thought so.
  6. wideglide

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    You want to elaborate on a respectful manner?
  7. Samael

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    Re: RE: Gaboon Viper $45

    it was a joke the snakes on a plane remark.
  8. Zia

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    RE: Re: RE: Gaboon Viper $45

    Well i apologize, i didnt realize it was a joke. But then you can understand what i mean, people will just use the movie to further uneducate people about snakes, and especially venomous ones. Yes they're dangerous, and yes i agree 90% of snakeowners have no place in keeping them, especially if you're in a very populated area, should one get out, but like Blake said, give them the respect they deserve and take the initiative to understand and learn about them, i dont see why people shouldn't keep them.
  9. RE: Re: RE: Gaboon Viper $45

    yeah the whole snakes on a plane thing just brings snake out in a really crappy (untrue) light it just increases un rational fear of snakes.
  10. yeah i wouldnt want a venomous snake, theyre cool but ultimately its better off for them to stay in the wild (for them and us) because i love snakes and i dont think thares anything wrong with owing a burm or retic, but they can be tamed, and how many people can tame a rattle snake. these snakes are very dangerous, oh well i guess some people are bound to be ignorent and i guess they think its cool to have something that can kill you living in their house. and the thing that gets me is the people with kids, you would think they would put their kids safety above the fact that they have a "cool" snake.
  11. Zia

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    All snakes are dangerous. You can't tame a snake. Why do people think you can ...

    Its like folks who own wolves and such, sure they seem tame sometimes, but they're never truly domesticated. It will always be a DANGEROUS animal. Venomous or not.
  12. Ash19

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    I agree about never truly being able to domesticate any reptile, or something like a wolf. But how is a garter or corn snake dangerous?? You may not be able to really tame them...but how can they harm you? I'm more afraid of my dogs and cats then my little boa. My corn never even gave me the slightest cause to fear him. Yet my dog has bitten me and my family enough for it to count.
  13. Zia

    Zia Embryo

    I was just making a point. It will never be domesticated or "taught" not to'll always be a wild animal with a wild animal's instincts.
  14. Ash19

    Ash19 Embryo

    Oh, right. Sorry :)
  15. Zia

    Zia Embryo

    Hehe, no need for apology ash :) How's your solomon boa doing?
  16. Ash19

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    She's great! I can't believe what an awesome feeder she is. I get a lot of ppl saying that they aren't the best feeders but she has yet to refuse a meal.
  17. aandbpetsokc

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    i sale feeders to a couple of people who breed venomous snakes how ever her you have to be licensed to have these snake
  18. petec

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    In Aus. there are several hurdles to go through before a vanomous snake can be kept. First you need an advanced license before you can get one, even then it is recommended by wildlife authorities that you dont keep them.


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