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    something stick to your floor, then you should look at interlocking tiles. Interlocking tiles come in many of the same colors and styles as the peel and stick tiles. The only difference is, instead of sticking all of the tiles together, you need to connect them all. When it comes to durability, the company Gladiator manufactures a heavy duty tile which has been
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    shown to withstand two hundred and fifty pounds per square inch. This type of tile can easily withstand the weight of a large vehicle without breaking. Also, if something were to happen to one of these tiles due to an accident, then you can always just replace that tile, which is better than having a dent in your floor. Another very durable garage flooring
    option is something called G-floor which is a type of roll out rug. It comes in a huge roll and you simple have to roll it out. In fact because there is no pieces or adhesives, all you need to do to install it, is roll it out. Some of the designs that these rugs come in is a coin, ripped, thread, levant, and clear. Some of the most common sizes that they are sold in is,
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