Getting a kingsnake : )

Discussion in 'Other Colubrids' started by ajlista, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. ajlista

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    After debating with my parents, they decided they didnt like the idea of a "Jumping gecko" (Crestie) Being handled around the house, i didnt want to argue, and what they say goes until im 18 and out
    And i was thinking hard, and we agreed upon a snake. My dad used to own a pet store, and he said kingsnakes are great, i would love to get a ball python, but i dont have enough room in my room sadly,
    So would a king snake be a good idea?
    If so please leave the supplies i need,
    And if anyone has a better idea for a nice, friendly snake, that dosent grow to be huge, lol, also possibly a corn snake?
    What do you guys thing?
  2. LittleLeopard

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    Corns grow bigger than Kings by a foots difrance.
    For a King snake its basicly the same as a corn. They need to start off in a small viv. Basicly they need to take up 1/4 of the viv. They need 2 places to hid a water bowl and food at lest once a week. it all depends on how big your snake is to start off with.

    Kings are shyer then corns.
  3. Ball pythons are small.You must not have much room.Some kings stay small.Durango Mountain Kings,Arizona Mountain Kings.There are others.Cal kings can get 4 to 5 feet.Rosy boas stay small.10 gallon tank.Hiding place,water bowl.The biggest thing is Keep Your Cage Clean!Good Luck!!!
  4. Wade

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    I think a Ball Python would be a better route to take if it's your first snake. From my experience, kingsnakes are more nippy than BP's. I have a couple Florida Kingsnakes, and I have one male that is absolutely HUGE! He is well past the five foot mark and is much bigger than my adult male BP. On the other hand, a corn snake is ALWAYS a good idea, especially with all the affordable morphs to choose from.

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