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Discussion in 'Tortoises' started by Spur_Thighed, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. Spur_Thighed

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    Good aftenoon all.

    I 'inherited' a spur-thighed (I think russian) tortoise 2 years ago. He is around 40 years old, and had spent most of his life in a garden in northern england (he wasn' looked after very well, yet was in good health).

    I've had him for two years (hibernated twice, in boxes) However, I have tried on numerous occasions to make a better environment for him (converted a shed with basking lamps, also had an indoor large aquarium with lamp for him) but he tends to really hate this and is usually best when left in the garden to create his own sleeping spots.

    Due to the awful summer, he is tedning to sleep more and more. He would have slept for nearly two weeks if I hadn't got him up, heated under lamp and fed him the other day. but once back, he digs into soil a little and doesnt seem to want to come out at all.

    I realise indoor environment is better, but he really does seem to hate this and seems more at home in the garden - any advice?

    Also, It sounds odd but I'm constantly worrying about his health and happiness and wonder if he wouldnt be better off in sanctuary or something? (any suggestions)

    warmest regards
  2. Wookie

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    Spur thighed and russian are names for two different tortoises. Have you got some pics so we can make sure of what you have?

    when you have him inside what type of light are you using? Do you have a UVB for him inside?

    You could also have a look for a cold frame or small green house that will keep him warm and dry. You'll need to make sure it's well ventilated and you cover the glass on the sides so he know he can't get out that way. You will need to make sure he goes out to get some UVB though.

    Lets hope we have a few more weeks of sun this year..
  3. baskingshells

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  4. Rees2

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    Baskingshells somthings wrong with the bottom link.I've never heard of The complete idiots to turtles and tortoises.another good book is Turtles & Tortoises for dummies.And he will proably be happyer outside than inside.
  5. baskingshells

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    For the second link you have to copy and paste it into the address box. The dummies guide is the same book as the idiots guild, just older.
  6. Jack Mechal

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    According to me turtles as pets varies from area it area, species to species, and laws closely govern breeding in many locations. Some areas outlawed red-eyed sliders due to links to salmonella.

    <a href="">tortoisefacts</a>
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