History of color/morphs/lines and breeders

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by CheriS, Jan 16, 2006.

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    Here is Hope, the dragon Cheri is referring to.


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    That's her, she not only have these awesome stripes, she is almost patternless, very gorgerous girl and I am curious how she will turn out as she is only a few mounts old
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    RE: History of...

    that was very interesting. I had gone on the classified section to look at photos of morphs and types of beardies because I have no sites to go to and it all got very confusing, and many listed as sandfires looked completly different and these are the normal sandfires. Now I know why! Does it make a difference if they say thay can produce a certificate with breeding lines?
  4. RE: History of...

    okay so i've been looking like mad for pictures of all the different morphs and have been very unsuccessful but i want to figure out what Nonamis could possibly be :? does anyone know of a site i can go to and see a good amount of the types out there???
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    RE: History of...

    WHy not post a photo of your dragon?

    Unless you have a rare morph, what you have is a common. which is what the majority of dragons are. you can not look at photos ans see what yours is. You need to know the lines that it came from, that is not something you can guess at from lookinig at photos. That is where so many people in error call their dragons Sandfiires. That is where another breeder and I ran into what I thought was the strangest lady ever to breed and sell dragons. She was at the reptile show in Tampa a few years ago and was selling dragons as sandfires, now these dragons were the dullest browns I had ever seen and NOTHING like what Sandfire Ranch produces so we asked them about them.......... she named them that as she said they looked like ones she saw in reptile magazines!!!! THey ahd no Sandfire lines in them at all, just he looking at a photo

    So there are a lot of people in Tampa area, that bought dragons from someone there with wizard in their name, who think they have Sandfires and what they have a common dragons, which is not bad at all.... but they were misrepresented to them and they in turn will misrepresent them to others should they ever breed them.

    A certificate means nothing from what I have seen, the only place I know giving out "certificates" does not even know where her dragons come from, so in that case, the certificates are make up and if it's the one I am thinking of, not only is there a lot of inbreeding in them, she claims to have developed a line that existed and was called that many years before she herself ever owned a dragon, let alone breed one. Most people selling dragons can maybe tell you the parents of the offsrping, but nothing beyond that and MANY times on FaunaClassifieds.com you will see people being exposed for claiming their animals are from a certain line, and the owner of that denying they ever sold any to them.

    I remember once when someme claimed to have bought a baby from Mystical-Dragons and had it for sale as an adult and the owner from there coming on and pointing out when that dragon has to have been hatched based on its age, he had never evern breed any dragons yet, let alone hatched and sold one!!

    There are a lot of people misrepresenting bearded dragons in the US
  6. RE: History of...

    well seeing as i got my beardie from a local pet store almost 2 yrs ago i doubt they'd know what lines Nonamis came from :| but i did post pictures of him in this forum or maybe it was just the "general- photos" section *shrugs* he gets just about completely mustard yellow and cheeto dust orange when he is showing off or just basking :) you cant see it in the photos too well though :?
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    This is my bearded dragon PUFF. I also got him from a pet store and since then he has been great. I just can't tell what type of BD he is. May be unable to tell but I noticed that he changes from a tan to a dark brown when basking. SORRY IF THE PIX ARE TO BIG! I tried putting in the image codes for direct links but they wouldnt work.
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    RE: puff

    We cant give you the morph blood line of you dragon from just a picture.
    Most pet stores order from many mass production breeders.
    The best way to bring out the colors in your dragon is to use a MVB.

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    RE: puff

    Nothing wrong with getting your BD from a petstore rather than a breeder..
    Mine is starting to shed and change its colors, from dark brown/slight gray, to a yellowish/orange.
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    RE: puff

    There are actually a few things wrong with petstores vs. breeders. For instance, it is impossible to know the morph of your dragon without knowing its parents. It is considered a normal.
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    RE: puff

    i could argue on the morph lines from breeders and petstores. But I would love to breed with mine or even get another one.
    if only telling the morph lines could be SO MUCH easier lol.
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    RE: puff

    If you are going to breed, it is really necessary to buy from a breeder
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    Thats Yavie's daddy...


    See the darker more 'normal' morph beardie, thats yavie's mother, not the bright orange one.

    At least thats what I was told by the breeder.

    Morphs are almost impossible to know unless you know the lineage, and I'm talking more than just one generation, because if a beardie is of mixed morphs even if you bread it with one of similar colors, its almost impossible to predict what color the babies will be.

    When I brought Yavie home, she was like this:

    then like this:

    Now she's like this:

    Colors usually lighten or darken from hatching to adulthood, so with young ones you won't know what they will look like, plus why does everyone care about this morph stuff? just to say my beardie is MorphAxMorphBxMorphCxMorphD Et Al because essentially thats what it comes down to.
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    You say to beware of new or small breeders...I bought a little girl who is HypoTangxfiretigerxredcitrus from Space Coast Dragons and now bought a little male from Rich Beasley who is a Chris Red(which now I learn is no such thing)/OGG/Sandfire/Blood X Tangerine Hypo (Het Hypo) I wanted to breed the 2 in the future. Now it seems there is no way to tell who's blood line is who and becoming a new breeder is frowned upon. I got there history from the breeders of parents and grandparents and did my research on reputable breeders and now I come across this post and I'm saddened. I wish there was someway to register your dragons like AKC does dogs with DNA it would cut a lot of dishonesty out and let people build a better name for themselves and healthier dragons. There would be little doubt to who's bloodline you really have. What do I do now? (I will always love my babys) As far as wanting to breed them is it just a wasted effort?
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    I don't think that being a new breeder should be frowned up as long as all the genetic homework is done first. I myself have recently caught the breeding bug and I'm well on my way to joining the ranks of the Sandfire Dragon Ranch (one day... LOL). Right now I am a small operation with a select core of breeders that I have spent thousands acquiring and who all come from traceable lines.

    My male breeder, Xerxes is from the Pete Weis Red Flame line, but he also has Sandfire in him as well. His specific lineage is OGG/Sandfire x Pete Weiss Red Flame/OGG. I now know that Sandfire and Red Flame are related lines. My females are almost all out of the Sandfire line at some point in their history. They have been outbred to normals and other morphs to strengthen their lines.

    I have a couple of breeders who came from novice breeders that simply call their dragons "Red/Orange" (sunshine dragons) which I dutifully post on my website. I don't believe in making up names for my morphs and calling them my own "original" line. :) If that were the case the clutch I have cooking now by Xerxes and Apollonia (Hypo Pastel Red) would be called Rachel's Ruby Reds. LOL. My Rubies would be famous! XD

    Anyway, I'm sure I had a point in there somewhere. Basically, be aware of what you're getting and only buy from people who can supply you with the correct information. Calling something a Sandfire Red doesn't mean it actually came from the Sandfire Ranch!
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    I'm not quite sure what kind of color/morph Toothless has. He almost looks like a Sandfire, but i'm pretty sure he's not. We adopted him from a couple that said he had came from a petstore. ( He was 4 months old then. ) My avatar ( here's a close up ) [​IMG]
    is a pic of him the month we got him. I'l post a more recent pic after we upload it. We don't really know what petstore they got him from, though.

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