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Discussion in 'Tortoises' started by Herman55, Jun 7, 2007.

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    Yeah i will give them an e-mail and post up what they post back
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    yeah, I've heard great things about that place too, which is rare.
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    Thats good then, also i got back an e-mail, heres what they said

    The bedding is our tortoise-hemp, which is the only bedding we recommend apart from natural earth (sand/soil mix).
    The lamps are 60W screw-in spots.
    A UVB kit can be added to the kit for £49.99, if you consider it neccessary (i.e. if the tortoise is going to spend prolonged periods indoors without access to natural sunlight.)

    What you think, should i get it and get the UV kit?
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    Ok, the first one (buyatortoise) is a bit small you really don't want to got for under 4'x2' even if he will be out in the garden alot in the summer. I'm really not sure of of the rabbit cage, looks alright though and a better size.

    On the hay, I'm not sure I know a lot of hays (espcially alfalfa hay) is high in protein and not good for torts. I know timothy hay is ok for torts, but I have no idea about the nutritional content of hemp I definatley would want it under the heat lamp though because of the fire risk. Personally I think the soil/sand mix is better and safer option.
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    Ok then can you buy soil sand mix?
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    I've already mentioned it. You get a bag sterile top soil, it may be referred to as garden loam or something else there, and a bag of sand. Any garden center or place that has plants out right now should have it in stock.

    The rabbit cage may not work because after adding the substrate at a deep enough level that the tortoise can dig, the tortoise may be high enough up to look out of the wire.
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    Jack, please avoid bumping old topics. :3
    Also, please stop linking to your website... that's considered spam here. ;P

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