HOTM Contest: April 2012

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    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    HOTM April 2012 [ Herp of the Month ] - Theme: Favorite photo of your Herp!


    HOTM 2012 is a friendly, forum-run contest, where members of the site can enter a picture of their reptile or amphibian, which will be voted on by members of the site on a knock-out style competition. Pictures will be entered into the HOTM threads, and votes will be made in the thread, or can be sent to myself, if you wish these to stay confidential. Below is the expected structure / time frame of the competition.

    1st-10th ~ Entry thread opens.

    11th-18th ~ Members vote based either in the thread by making a post, or by PMing myself.

    19th-21st ~Top three photos from the previous thread are entered into a new thread with a poll.

    22nd-28th ~ Members have only a few days in which to vote via a poll on the top three photos from the previous thread.

    29th-30th ~ Thread will be closed. Votes will be counted and the HOTM winner will be announced and prize given.

    The winner will then be announced in that thread, and also in a winners thread within the Archived Forum. The winner will receive the "HOTM Winner" User Title rank for a period of three months. The winner will also choose the theme for the next month's contest.

    Contests will run on a monthly basis, and the dates above are subject to change. If the winner does not decide on a theme for the following month, users will be free to post any picture of their herp that they like. Theme ideas may include (but are not limited to): best feeding picture, best vivaria, best sleeping picture, etc etc.


    ONE photo entry per member only. Members may not enter more than one photo. If more than one photo are entered, a mod will edit out all photos except for the first one posted by that user.

    Members may only vote ONCE. Any members found to be creating accounts to vote, will be warned, and their votes voided, and their privilege to enter the competition will be removed. Remember, this competition is meant to bring fun to the forum, don't spoil it.

    If a member wins two months in a row, they will no be allowed to participate in the following month's event.

    Members are encouraged to post pictures of a reasonable quality. If pictures of bad quality are posted, members are reminded that the likelihood that these will get far in the competition is very low.

    Minor photo editing (cropping, adjusting brightness, etc) is acceptable; but to be as fair as possible to all members we would like to allow the photos to remain as original as possible. Please refrain from excessive editing of entries.

    Please make sure that the photo size rules in place on this site are adhered to - a maximum of 640 pixels on the longest edge e.g. 640x480 pixels(or 480x640 portrait). Any help needed with this, PM a mod.

    Disclaimer: Please note that the moderators will have final say in the content that is uploaded to the site and to the contest, please remember to be respectful and upload photos in good taste and nothing that ellicits unsavory activities; please remember, we have members under 18 and some under 14 in this community.

    Other than that, have fun, and good luck! = )


    If you have any questions, please PM a mod or ask in THIS thread.
  2. dogking

    dogking HOTM Winner September

    Heeeeeeere's Rexy!
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  3. mr_andrew

    mr_andrew Member

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  4. electrofelt

    electrofelt Member

    Here is my Bob ;D This is a great idea!

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  5. Reid

    Reid Banned

    Ms.Ember! :D IMAG0287.jpg
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  6. Cookie17

    Cookie17 HOTM Winner June

    my youngest and only male leopard gecko, Tangy (Tan-gee)
    do we get to know what the prize is or is it a secret?
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  7. lizardgurl87

    lizardgurl87 HOTM Winner April

    My anoles(Rhubarb & Naomi) Always liked this one, since it looks like a "mirror image" :)
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  8. Cammy

    Cammy Administrator Staff Member

    Loki, angry because I wouldn't let him eat a cookie crumb.
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    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    Great pictures so far everyone = )

    Keep em coming! And Dogking, it appears the link to your photo has been lost. Hopefully the photo is saved to your computer... could you try editing the photo back into your post again?
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  10. wren152

    wren152 Member

    Ahhhh!!! I'm so excited! Look at all these great photos!
    Here's Simon, the Chinese water dragon! I got lucky with this shot!
  11. Paula

    Paula New Member

    My baby Colombian Red tail Boa; Balthazar! balthazar.jpg
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  12. Badger711

    Badger711 Member


    Wood Frog (Rana Sylvatica) Adult Male, Ferb.
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  13. Cookie17

    Cookie17 HOTM Winner June

    I was thinking Jeff, maybe you could save the pics to a file on your computer, just in case things like that keep happening? i dunno *shrug* just a though :)
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  14. lisa owens

    lisa owens Well-Known Member

    here is Toby sorry if it is a little blurry

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  15. ajlista

    ajlista Well-Known Member

    Might as well enter something, lol it isnt my favorite but all i have saved where i am right now, i do like it alot though, it was only taken yesterday or something, but still love it
    I also really like the shot of the water dragon, and toby is so cute lisa.
    Heres scoobie!
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  16. lisa owens

    lisa owens Well-Known Member

    thank you ajlista
  17. Karlee

    Karlee Member

    My pics are all poor quality but I will post something for the spirit of posting. Here's Kamau:
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  18. geckolover22

    geckolover22 Well-Known Member


    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    Great photos everyone! = ) I've saved all of the pictures in the event that they get lost

    I just wanted to add that tomorrow will be the last day to submit a picture for the contest this month. At 11.59pm, Tuesday, April 10th submissions wil end and voting will begin.

    If you haven't submitted a picture yet, please do so in the next 36 hours! On April 11th voting will commence; you may either vote in this thread or by PM'ing me if you wish to stay anonymous. You may not vote for your own entry. You will have just over 1 week to vote on the entire group of photos, then the top 3 will be placed into a new thread to be voted on via a poll.

    Remember, if you have any questions please PM a mod or ask in THIS thread.
  20. Cammy

    Cammy Administrator Staff Member

    Lots of great submissions, but my vote goes for Bob by Jess. =D
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