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  1. Ohhaimonster

    Ohhaimonster New Member

    When I first got him. He was very vocal up until he passed away.

    The day before he passed away. He found the strength to climb to the very top of his new hide. He truly was the king of the world.

    07:09:2012 - 03:15:2013.

    Rest in peace little guy.
  2. dayna_99

    dayna_99 New Member

    aww what happened?
  3. Ohhaimonster

    Ohhaimonster New Member

    I'm not sure exactly. The vets weren't really sure either. He stopped being energetic. And slowed down a bit when winter hit. Loki slowed down as well. I thought everything was normal. But Houdini was sick. He stopped eating. He was having some neurological issues. I was hand feeding him through a syringe for two Weeks before his body gave up. I knew it was his end when he started vomiting after he ate. :( I got home, filled his syringe to feed him and walked in to wake him up. He had passed away during the day.
  4. dayna_99

    dayna_99 New Member

    :( Thats so sad! I am very sorry for your loss. Are you getting another?
  5. Drakion

    Drakion Embryo

    i knew i would cry.... i'm too sensitive about animals. (sometimes)

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