I found this corn snake...

Discussion in 'Florida Reptile Nuts' started by jay22, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. jay22

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    Hello everyone! Im looking for a little help.

    I found this snake in my pool cage last night and managed to catch it. I intend to return it to the wild in about five minutes here but I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out exactly what it is.

    I have figured out that it is a corn snake, but I am unsure of what kind.

    Any help is appreciated! I uploaded the photos. If there is another way to do this, please let me know!

    Cool forum btw.


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  2. Shanna66

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  3. jay22

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    Thanks for the reply. I let him go a little bit ago since I found him outside. Its kind of a shame though, he was really pretty and seemed to be quite calm. Even when I let him go he just slowly slithered away. If he shows back up around the house I may just keep him. Seemed like a really cool snake.
  4. jay22

    jay22 Embryo

    I got some better photos of him as well that I will post up in a bit. He has the checkerboard and stripe belly like a corn snake. I didnt get photos of his belly tho, just his topside.
  5. onsidlives

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  6. jay22

    jay22 Embryo

    Ok then. That was one of the pages that I was looking at last night. I just wasnt sure if this one was a different kind because he has orange spots on his back in between the normal pattern. However everything else looks like a regular corn snake to me.

    Thanks again for the input.
  7. onsidlives

    onsidlives Embryo

    Nah, just a normal corn snake, nothing special. As I said they are a dime a dozen around my house, amazing how colors can vary between individuals. Cute little guy though, when he grows up you won't have to worry about rodents taking over.
  8. jay22

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    Sweet deal!
  9. mango95

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    That looks like a Miami cornsnake. They are the most common corn snakes in Florida hense there name. They are one of the smallest corn snakes and are only from 3-4 feet while most corn snakes are from 4-5 feet. The Miami is also the most stubborn snake when it comes to feeding since they are used to eating anoles. I have a Miami corn snake myself and they are very well tempered.

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