I will never forget my Water Dragon

Discussion in 'Rainbow Bridge' started by electrofelt, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. electrofelt

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    I had a Chinese Water Dragon named Psycho. I bought him as a baby and watched as he grew. He would sit on my shoulder while I did homework, and chase my hand around the tank, and attempt to be the best escapee I had ever owned. One day he turned gray and it looked painful as he moved around. Something was not right. I made a vet appointment for the next morning, but when I woke up he was curled up on the corner of the tank and had passed sometime the night before. I decorated him a box and buried him in my backyard.

    Psycho had died of my stupid ignorance. I had bark substrate in the bottom of his tank, and the most likely scenario is he died of impaction. I have never gotten over this. Till this day, I have not adopted another water dragon, and Psycho passed away 4 years ago. Instead I spend hours researching care sheets and common medical problems. I am designing the ultimate tank to build for another water dragon I will someday own. I don't want this situation to ever happen again. It has scarred me in a way.

    I just wanted to say to Psycho, that I am truly sorry you went out this way, and that I was not an adequate owner for you. I was just not ready and I am so sorry.

    Rest in Peace.
  2. ajlista

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    Im sorry to hear that, my old leo also died of my poor care : (
    R.I.P Psycho
  3. Karlee

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    I am so sorry for your loss. But we always feel like it is our fault, even when it isnt. I know I am late on this comment, but I am just deeply sorry for your dragon. And it wasnt your fault, things just happened. Like when I was sitting in the front yard with my beardie, Kiki, she just jumped off and ran off. I found her dead about two weeks later. What I am trying to put across is that it was a mistake and you didnt mean for it to happen. It isnt like you stuffed a piece of bark down his throat and waited for him to die. And why didnt you take him to emergency care? That is like getting hit by a car, call the hospital and say they can give you an appoitment in two days. I am pretty sure almost all vets have an emergency care center where you can just take them in. I am pretty sure you were a great owner for him. RIP Psycho
  4. Peaaches

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    Deeply sorry to hear! At this point, what matters is that you learned a lesson. I am sure you loved him as best as you could. Now that you are older, you should be exited to have a new dragon you are confident you can care for adequately.


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