January "Caption This" From Photos & Photograp

Discussion in 'Archived Posts' started by corey, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. papercut

    papercut Embryo

    "it takes two to tango"
  2. lollapalooza

    lollapalooza Embryo

    Houston! Houston! The rubber ducky is malfunctioning! Houston, we have a problem!
  3. trapieter

    trapieter Embryo

    lol leo lady and lolla
  4. dna_splice

    dna_splice Embryo

    i have my eye on a winner.
    but ill wait a couple more to choose =]

  5. calebalicious

    calebalicious Embryo

    RE: "Caption This"

    "thats right, just move your head to the left then i will make a run for it..."
  6. clapton

    clapton Embryo

    RE: "Caption This"

    "once your done stripping me of my dignity just put me back in my cage to be in peace...Bah stupid humans"
  7. RobertII

    RobertII Embryo

    RE: "Caption This"

    OK that needs to be erased. I know he was banned but can we get his comments off here please?
  8. dna_splice

    dna_splice Embryo


    i can soo see my BD saying that :)

    p.s. LeoLady was my runner up :)

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