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    Krunker Krunkies We see a lot of the time a browser game become popular the developer ports it to the mobile or full desktop installer and the browser version receives no further support. A perfect example is Bullet Force which once enjoyed a sizeable population in the browser version.Once the dev started developing a desktop version to be released on Steam development on the browser version completely stopped the population dropped off and the developer stopped development altogether.Krunker on the other hand is frequently updated. In fact as of writing this article it was updated 7 hours ago with 50 new character skins exploit fixes and other changes.

    Krunker KR Recently game designer Sidney de Vries released a followup to his successful project Titled the game takes influence from old-school 90s arena shooters and modern multiplayer battle royale titles as well as the .io genre after which it is so lovingly named. doesn’t belong to the .io genre in a conventional sense though. As such we thought we’d have a look at it through the lens of on Poki which offers a slightly more typical .io experience.

    The game ‘’ is literally the Counter Strike of the “io” saga. Taking as reference one of the main and essential titles of multiplayer games and shooters in the history of video games '' immerses the player in a multiplayer game in which two teams must compete to score the maximum possible number of points . But how do you get those points? Very simple: killing your enemies. Check out this gameplay for a reference:

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