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    Hi. I recently ordered a tangerine hatchling off of backwaterreptiles.com. (It arrived yesterday at the time i wrote this.) Ive had experience raising two leos before, but not anything this young. Ive done a bit of research beforehand but i still have a few questions that i couldnt find a clear answer to.

    When the gecko arrived, I saw that it had pooped in its little container. I read that after this its usually safe to start feeding and its probably over 3 days old. Is this true? the night after it arrived, I offered it some meal worms and it gladly ate them, but when i checked on it the next morning, it didnt digest the worms properly and i saw them in what appeared to be its poop (or maybe it regurgitated it?) Should i be worried about this?

    Another question I have is if the enclosure im keeping it in is suitable at such a young age. On every video or web page i read on caring for hatchlings, i see people using these small tupperware bins with a few simple hides and water sources, etc. I have a 10 gallon glass tank with reptile carpet, two hides (one with a built in water dish), as well as a smaller water dish i put down nearer where it likes to sleep for easier access, and a moist hide box. Is this kind of enclosure too large/ stressful for the little guy? Should i move it to a smaller temporary home while it gets settled in and starts eating regularly?

    (And a side note, the guy doesnt seem to want to explore the tank very much, or is that just characteristic of baby geckos?)

    I'd really like some advice quickly. I get a bit too worried about little things unfortunately, so it would be good to have some closure.

    Thanks a bunch

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