Leopard Gecko Swelling, Diet, & MBD

Discussion in 'Leopard Geckos' started by KiwiTheLeo, Mar 24, 2016.

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    Kiwi is a leopard gecko about a few months old:

    -10 gallon tank
    -Paper towel substrate
    -Mealworm diet
    -75-93 F range (have recently modified the tank to have a lower max temperature)
    -2 hides (the cardboard on the top and sides of the moist hide is to make it a little darker inside)
    -calcium, mealworm, and water dish
    -Undertank heating pad
    -digital thermometer
    -is chubby


    1.) My presumably male leopard gecko has what appears to be one bulge much larger than the other. He doesn't lick at it excessively nor is there scabbing or scrapes; is that normal/okay?

    2.) My leo won't eat recently; ever since I switched over from a reptile-specific store's mealworms to Petsmart's mealworms, he seems uninterested in eating/eats scarcely. I understand my heat range is a few degrees too high and have recently fixed that (still seeing if it stimulates his appetite more). This decreasing appetite has progressively went on for a few weeks now. Oddly, he seems to do the poops and urinate regularly, and he seems to not be getting skinnier.

    3.) Because of the above issue, he hasn't been getting his Calcium as much (without D3) so his back legs are starting to get sluggish and it concerns me a lot. I definitely suspect MBD. Recently, I've resorted to dabbing a drip of water on his nose, followed by a sprinkle of calcium on the water drop to have him lick it off his nose himself. Should I just go to the vet now?
    *(I never see him lick out of the calcium dish.)

    **Before the diet switch to Petsmart mealworms, he was very healthy, active, and quirky. Loved eating, used the bathroom regularly, shed regularly, etc. I fear he has MBD and am wondering what I should do to prevent/treat it and how to help him eat.

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