Leopard Gecko that doesn't poop - normal?

Discussion in 'Leopard Geckos' started by SandyJax, Oct 31, 2015.

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    I recently acquired a leopard gecko - I've had him 3 weeks. In that time period he's only pooped 4 times! He eats everyday or every other day 3-4 crickets + 3-4 mealworms (sometimes just one or the other). When I got him he was on sand, but I've given him a new set up. His set up is as follows:
    ~ flooring is tile
    ~ under tank heater & light bulb (12 hrs on/12 hrs off)
    ~ diet: crickets & mealworms
    ~ sleeps all day in warm hide
    ~ in my classroom, so I don't see his night behavior :-(
    ~ has water & calcium

    I just don't feel 4 poops is enough during a 3 week period. I have a bear die at home who poops daily.

    Any advice from more experienced "parents" would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hello and welcome! Do you know the temp of the warm side? Proper heat/warmth is essential for digestion and will slow if it's too cold. Have you noticed any sand in the stools even after being switched to tile? Impaction due to ingestion of loose particle substrate (sand) could be another cause. Either stopping defecation completely or minimal defecation with the loose substrate inside.

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