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    As some of you may have noticed, as of late, the sticky area in the leo section has become rather over-crowded. Some of them are waiting for coding to be put into our knowledgebase, and that should help clean them up a little. However, we are aware that many may not check the knowledgebase, so this thread gives links of the previous stickies and articles. If anyone has any other ideas of articles or threads to add to this list, please PM me.

    Slurry Recipe From Marcia At Golden Gate Geckos

    Thinking about breeding? Read this first!

    Warning! Graphic autopsy of a Calci-sand impacted leo!

    Visual Difference Between Superworms, and treated mealworms

    Post Your Tank Pictures Thread!
  2. Cookie17

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    the links aren't working for me... trying to get the the breeding one.
  3. StikyPaws312

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    Here is the one on if you have eggs.

    Here is the basic one which has breeding about half way through the article :)
  4. Cookie17

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    Thanks! I like the one of the leopard gecko genetics! very helpful for me too!

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