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Discussion in 'Live Help and IRC Chat' started by natashaccollins, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. i have just tried to get into the live chat and got this message up:
    Error : Closing Link: (*** Banned (DNS blacklist))
    Disconnected from
    now is this cause the room isnt open yet (it is 8pm where i am) or am i actualy banned from the chat room?
  2. Tux

    Tux Embryo

    I assume your on DSL or dial-up and the IP you got assigned is banned. Just disconnect and reconnect to the net then try.

    Moving post to proper forum
  3. i am on ntl broadband and i tryed the disconnect and reconnect and i still cant get on for the same reason.

    sorry i put it in the wrong forum, didnt see this one :D
  4. Alec_x_123

    Alec_x_123 Embryo

    hello ive never owned a snake brfore is it not a good idea to start with a ball pythons??
  5. rcleavley

    rcleavley Embryo

    hi all can any 1 help with panther chameleons?
  6. Richy, this isn't the right place to post that question.

    You will get alot more replies if you post in the Chameleon section.
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