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Discussion in 'Other Colubrids' started by LostCorn, Oct 5, 2004.

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    I realise now that it was my fault our snake escaped. He was in a glass tank with a tight fitting lid.However the lid was not very heavy.I have since built a viv with sliding glass doors with which we have also had problems , hatchlings can squeeze through the gap between the two pieces of glass , so we had to cover this gap with clear tape until the snakes grow bigger.We now keep hatchlings in Exo Terra type Faunarium cages until they grow bigger , not good to look at but secure.Larger (yearlings +) in vivs with sliding doors. Still use glass tanks but have heavy ,tight fitting wooden lids fitted with vents. Have had no further problems but we learnt a hard lesson.


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    Hi Kyle and welcome to the ReptileBoards!

    Yeah, snakes can be very escape savvy. I am always hearing about lost snakes. If there is a hole, they will find it! I would definitely keep working on your cage so that you don't have to use the tape method again. I'm sure that was a stressful experience, especially after being out and about the house for a few days without the comfort of her heated tank. You are very lucky to get her back though! Unfortunately, the poster of this thread probably did lose his snake. This is an older thread and they never came back to update us, although you never know : )
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    Jess, they did find it in a neighbors garage, but dead. it's on the first page :)
    I haven't had any snake escapes (yet). I have clamp locks on my cages (bout to move them to sterilite containers though with lock lids). On one cage I have tape instead of clamps because the clamps i bought did not work one bit. They didn't even fit, and they were supposed to be for up to 55 gallon.
    I have however, had a few tarantulas escape. I had some arboreal tarantulas escape, little baby ones. they got through the handle holes on the mini kritter keepers. my sister came home and helped me find them (one was hers)... we found them on the closet wall, way above where i could see (I'm only 4' 10") I've also had a red rump T escape from her enclosure into the mature males enclosure next to it. this was a 10 G separated by plexi glass. I currently have a bengal spotted ornamental T loose in my car. My sister and I were taking her up to the pet store, and my sister thought it was dead so she opened the enclosure, snd the little sling (spiderling) took off. It is loose in my car, but with the cold wether, i don't expect that s/he is still alive, especially if it found a way out.
    If my snake ever escaped, It would be in a closet so I would try to QUIETLY move things and look behind things. leave the enclosure open and maybe leave a tempting food item there. Look around at night with a flashlight. but do not use the tape method because that can seriously injure the snake.
    Good luck finding your carpet snakey :)
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    If you use a heat pack (as for shipping) or go to hope depot and get hand warmers, put that in a box with a flap than is slightly larger than the hole, so that she can get in but not out. if you use tape, you can seriously injure her and rip scales off... you might have to take her to the vet if you use tape and you seriously injure her.
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    for someone who has such a beautiful and expensive snake, you seem to have no regard for its well being. I'm not trying to be offensive, but if two people who have years of experience over you say what a bad idea it is to use tape, why would you blatantly say "i'm gonna use it anyways"?
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    okay, that's your choice. just be careful. lol :p
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    I'm glad to hear you found them both.

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