Lost to Celtics in Mmogo

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    JazzRecord: 50-32Improvement: -1Playoffs: Lost to NBA Live Mobile Coins Warriors in Western Conference semifinals in sixReaction: So not much different than their actual season.KingsRecord: 43-39Improvement: +11Playoffs: Lost to the Warriors in the first roundReaction: Sacramento made the playoffs!KnicksRecord: 56-26Improvement: +25Playoffs: Beat the Warriors in the NBA FinalsReaction: As discussed above, the Knicks are the first team to win a championship with James joining their roster. This is only a video game simulation, and we’re actually feeling emotions for them right now.LakersRecord: 48-34Improvement: +18Playoffs:

    Lost to Thunder in first round in sevenReaction: Russ played like an MVP!MagicRecord: 42-40Improvement: +13Playoffs: Lost to Cheap NBA Live Coins Celtics in the first roundReaction: Orlando doesn’t deserve LeBron.MavericksRecord: 54-28Improvement: +21Playoffs: Lost to Thunder in first round in sevenReaction: The large wins improvement makes sense because Dallas struggled with injuries all season. When the Mavs finally got healthy, they weren’t bad! And then you add LeBron to the mix.

    NetsRecord: 34-48Improvement: +14Playoffs: MissedReaction: No one can save the Nets, not even LeBron. NuggetsRecord: 49-33Improvement: +9Playoffs: Lost to Warriors in the conference semifinalsReaction: 2K probably hasn’t recognized exactly how good Nikola Jokic is yet.PacersRecord: 54-28Improvement: +12Playoffs: Lost to Celtics in Mmogo seven in the first roundReaction: Here’s another 1 vs.

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