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    My green anole is most of the time green and I've had him for 3 1/2 years. I saved him from my brother before he was gonna shoot him with his air soft gun. I have tamed him easily some how and he likes to simply rest on me all green. When I put him back in his terrarium he gets brown. I have all a green anole needs provided in there. But that's not the problem. 3 days ago I came by his cage to get him on his. Normal play time routine, (yes I make little hats and wings for him and make him go zip lining on a string and a little safe cart). And he was low on the ground so brown and his eyes were sunken, and he had visible high cheek bones. His head was skull like. This horrified me so much I just can't help it anymore. 2 years ago I recommended a green anole to my cousin. He is was 10 years old. My cousin later on got a green anole and it ended up dying with just eye sockets left soon after. This is why I nearly fainted, I'm not kidding, when I saw my lizards sunken eyes I imaged his later on corpse. Thank god he was alive. It was late at night but I did my best to revive him, giving him much water. It was in the fall and we didn't have any crickets, and it was very cold outside. I went to get a banana since sometimes when I mush a banana he eats it. I have successfully revived his sunken eyes but new problems showed up, (THIS IS THE PART WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE). He is moving differently now, when he tries to move forward, he literally moves sideways instead. When he had a bathroom break in front of me (it was nasty) he lifted up his butt roughly and started shooting pee spray out his butt at me, then started rubbing his butt walking on the floor roughly really hunched way putting pee everywhere. His usual bathroom break is a simple lift butt, then drop turd. And also he was shedding and I happily helped slowly take off his shed, a day later he had shed on his feet and I examined his feet and hands since he didn't have a strong grip. When I hold him his grip is weaker now. How can all these problems happen just like that?! As I check his feet the shed I couldn't get off, I examined for missing toes, one of his toes were in half the other piece connected to shed!! I want to fix every problem of my loved child, a green anole, I have had him for 3 and a half years and caught him at one years old. Thank you for reading all this, I am very much thankful for ANY help, very very thankful! Thank you!!

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