Male or Female??

Discussion in 'Iguanas' started by IggyOwned, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. IggyOwned

    IggyOwned New Member

    Just wondering what this little one is. It about 30cm from nose to tailtip but about 9cm from nose to vent.

    Babyiggy.jpg babyiggy1.jpg
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  2. Cammy

    Cammy Administrator Staff Member

    It's definitely too early to tell. Wait until your iguana is about one and a half years old and we should be able to tell then. At this size/age, your iguana is not fully developed as it has not hit sexual maturity yet. We won't be able to accurately sex him (or her) until he is.

    On an unrelated note, he looks A THOUSAND TIMES less stressed than in the pictures from before. That's an amazing change in such a short time, especially since he's probably still adjusting to your new home. How is he eating? Were you able to get his setup and lighting all up and running for him with no issues? I hope all is going well. Keep doing what you are doing. That nice deep green is a brilliant change from the reddish brown he was displaying before. Great job. =)
  3. IggyOwned

    IggyOwned New Member

    rediggy1.jpg rediggy2.jpg Yes, this is another one I rescued. Been getting well very fast.

    Also, can you tell the gender of this iguana? This one is pretty sick and is about 10-12 inches. The picture not taken by me.
  4. Cammy

    Cammy Administrator Staff Member

    Again, probably too soon to tell. Their femoral pores will not appear super pronounced even if they are males until they are larger and older. Sorry I can't be of much help! D:
  5. IggyOwned

    IggyOwned New Member

    Thank you for your help though. And I do see what you mean by you cannot really tell.
  6. supernova

    supernova Member

    My rescued igg is coming up her first birthday, I'm just know able to tell it is female... well... almost, but my experience with iggs I'm willing to put a few dollars on it...but just s few. You will be pressed into at least a year olf before you can tell visually. The males jowls usually don't get wide until they are well into their 2nd year from my experience.

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